NEW ARRIVAL! - Forgiven

1. God Is Looking At My Heart
2. Sinner Saved By Grace
3. I’ll Take Jesus
4. Sometimes I Wonder
5. Forgiven
6. Down In My Soul
7. The Greatest Love Story
8. The Next Time That You See Me
9. Tell Me The Story Of Jesus
10. I Know
11. Jesus Was Born

Sunday Sing-A-Long
1. Farther Along
2. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
3. He Keeps Me Singing
4. Near The Cross
5. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
6. Blood Medley
7. Feelin’ Fine
8. The Love of God
9. SupperTime
10. I’d Rather Have Jesus
11. Invitation Medley

Some Things Never Change

1. I Thank My Savior
2. Some Things Never Change
3. Ain't Gonna Give Up On God
4. Home
5. Holding On To Me
6. Tradin' The Old Cross
7. Take Me To Jesus
8. Between The Cross And Heaven
9. Heaven Won't Be The Same
10. Come See Me
11. Even The Devil Knows I'm Blessed
12. I Remember The Time
13. Ask
My Treasure In Him
1. I've Been Changed
2. Feeling At Home
3. What A Lovely Name
4. That Soul Was Mine
5. The Plan Of Salvation
6. I Found My Treasure In Him
7. Please Search The Book Again
8. Oh What A Saviour
9. I'll See You In The Rapture
10. Knowing You'll Be There
11. Step On Board
12. Then I Met The Master

In His Image

1. Use Us Jesus
2. The Old Time Way
3. I've Got A New Song To Sing
4. Oh What A Day
5. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
6. I’ll Fly Away
7. I Should Have Been Crucified
8. Good Morning Lord
9. I'd Rather Have Jesus
10. So Much God
11. He Didn't Throw The Clay Away
Vintage Vol. I - 2 CDs
1. I'll Live In Glory
2. Where We Ever Shall Be
3. I'll Have A New Life
4. Let There Be Peace
5. Eastern Gate
6. I'm Living In Canaan Now
7. Put Your Hand In The Hand
8. Gettin' Ready Today
9. God Is Not Dead
10. The Old Time Religion
11. Lord I'm Going Home
12. The Three Crosses Medley
13. Yesterday
14. The Lighthouse
15. L ong, Long Way To Calvary
16. Jesus Will Outshine Them All
17. That Day Is Almost Here
18. I Won't Have To Worry
19. The Old Country Church
20. I'm Going Home
21. The Common Man
1. Ten Thousand Years
2. Where Would I Be
3. Tucked In With Jesus
4. He Did It All For Me
5. So High
6. Sing Me A Song About Jesus
7. Through It All
8. Daddy Sang Bass
9. Because He Lives
10. Apple Tree Story
11. There Is Power In The Blood
12. Farther Along
13. In The Garden
14. I'll Fly Away
15. How Great Thou Art
16. Where We'll Never Grow Old
17. What A Savour
18. Knell At The Cross
19. The Old Rugged Cross
20. I Will Serve Thee

Vintage Vol. II - 2 CDs
1. I'll Take Jesus
2. I Know A Man Who Can
3. The Old Time Way
4. Born Again Children
5. John The Revelator
6. The Next Time You See Me
7. Come Walk Down My Road
8. Just Any Day Now
9. Jesus Will Never Say No
10. Learning To Lean
11. The Solid Rock
12. You Can’t Hold Back The Dawning
13. Get That Frown Off Your Face
14. We Do Not Die
15. Rise Again
16. Old Ship Of Zion
17. The Blood Covered All My Sins
18. My Friend
19. What Sins Are You Talking About
20. I Believe He’s Coming Back
1. You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet
2. That Sounds Like Home To Me
3. When I Stand In The Presence
4. Walking With Jesus
5. Ain’t God Good
6. He’ll Roll You Over The Tide
7. I’ve Never Been This Homesick
8. Daddy Sang Bass
9. Tucked In With Jesus
10. America The Beautiful
11. I Stand Before Him Guilty
12. Won’t It Be Worth It My Child
13. I Can’t Even Walk
14. He Can
15. I Want To Go There
16. Jesus Is The One
17. Holy Is Thy Name
18. I Want To Be Like My Lord
19. My House Is Full
20. I’ll Stand For Jesus

Vintage Vol. III - 2 CDs
1. Guilty Of Loving Me
2. I Feel It
3. Canaanland
4. Beautiful Home
5. Church Of The Living God
6. Let Me Hold Your Hand
7. Stand Still And Feel The Presence
8. The Hands Of Jesus
9. I Am Blessed
10. Life's Tunnel
11. Just A Little Way Up The Road
12. If Only The Stone Could Speak
13. That Same Spirit
14. O For A Thousand Tongues
15. I Can Hardly Wait
16. More About Jesus
17. Someday
18. Someone Is Praying For You
19. I'll Meet You On The Other Side Of Jordan
20. Early In The Morning
1. The Sawdust Trail
2. I'm Gonna Live Forever
3. Hand In Hand
4. Stop And Dream About Heaven
5. Movin' On High
6. Four Crosses Medley
7. Tumbling Down
8. Good Morning Lord
9. Then I Met The Master
10. I Surrender All
11. If He Didn't Love Me
12. Mansion Over The Hilltop
13. Boundless Love
14. Midnight Cry
15. I Am With Thee
16. Sharon's Rose
17. Bring My Children Home
18. The Old Ship Of Zion
19. After The Shout Is Heard
20. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
21. Touch Me Again Lord

Timeless - "30th Anniversary"

1.When We All Get Together With The Lord
2. Won't They Be Surprised To See Me
3. I've Got A New Born Feelin'
4. Born Again
5. He Never Once Stopped Loving Me
6. I Will Serve Thee
7. Just One More Soul
8. Go To The Rock Of Ages
9. He Washed My Feet
10. Tucked In With Jesus

In His Image DVD
1. Use Us Jesus
2. Oh What A Day
3. I've Got A New Song To Sing
4. Born Again
5. Sheltered In The Arms Of God
6. The Old Time Way
7. I Should Have Been Crucified
8. Good Morning Lord
9. I'd Rather Have Jesus
10. He Didn't Throw The Clay Away
11. I’ll Fly Away
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